Society Of Safety Professionals

Society of Occupational Safety Professionals or SOSP is a forum, a platform, a helping hand, a cooperative body, an organization and an approach towards the creation of a society, a safe society free of occupational injuries and accident through its hodgepodge of programmes.

SOSP is always a step ahead in joining hands and work with all the professionals, people, organizations, professional bodies, NGO’s and whoever approaches us to create better safe , healthy and environment friendly society.

Some of the programmes (but not limited to) are………………..

Develop, coordinate and collect safety professionals on one platform, Make a core/devoted groups of qualified and experienced safety professionals and bring them on one platform so that the new safety professionals as well as society can be benefitted, provide health and safety trainings to society members, To develop safety culture in the country, Conduct seminars and conferences, Contact and coordinate recruitment agencies and manpower companies to hire safety professionals from members of society (SOSP) , Develop different safety related skills among new and inexperienced safety personnel/ members , Problem-solution committee - Sharing and solving queries from safety professionals, Develop a group /committees of different safety institution in the country for effective HSE related problems, To create an international safety experts professional group (Which will work to contact, develop, assemble ,coordinate world, safety, professional societies, institution on one platform and speak in ONE voice about world HSE problems and find solution).

Create safety awareness among people / the common people in the country through its varied programmes such as ( but not limited to ) Road Safety Programs in schools and colleges, Fire Safety, general electrical safety awareness programs in school and college, and among general public, Environment awareness programs etc.

Some of our programmes are……………………..

  • Online HSE Portal ( for all HSE solutions )
  • Provide HSE related guidance
  • Carrier Guidance ( in field of Health and Safety )
  • Become a member [ (Application & Acceptance online) to join the world of Safety Professionals and ease your self-development and grow with the world ]
  • Create a data base of HSE Professionals around the world ( so that wherever you around the globe your safety friends are with you always )
  • Different HSE Expert group ( join them so that you also become expert in your field )
  • Safety Chats
  • Safety Group Discussion
  • Opinion Sharing
  • Opinion poll ( on current Health and Safety related issues so that you can make an impact on the society )
  • Provide HSE NEWS ( National and International )
  • HSE jobs and recruitment news
  • Society news
  • Online HSE Library ( your solutions to Health and safety Problems) wherever you go
  • HSE material (video, audio and books/print) sharing ( so that you can also share your experience and contribute towards EH & S development )
  • Online/Live training access.

Our Membership

Any HSE personnel can be a member of this society. We have…..

  • Patrons
  • Elite Members
  • Golden gate membership/Life time.
  • Silver gate membership /5 years
  • General membership /2 years
  • Visiting membership /Free for 1 month
  • Executive membership from Non Safety Professions / Member of public / Other professions

Our Programs

Social awareness:

  • Road Safety Program in Schools
  • Fire Safety Programs in school and college
  • Environment awareness program
  • To make sub-society of schools (for HSE awareness) and develop contacts with all schools, NGO’S and other social workers / organizations to make programmes for EH&S awareness in the society.

Professional Safety Program:

  • Develop, coordinate and bring together safety professional on one platform.
  • Make a core/devoted groups of qualified and experienced safety professionals.
  • Give safety training to society members
  • To develop safety culture in the country.
  • Conduct seminars and conferences.
  • Contact recruitment agencies and manpower companies for hiring safety personnel from the SOSP.
  • Develop different safety related skills among new and inexperienced safety personnel.
  • Problem-solution committee - Sharing and solving profession related queries from industry experts and safety professionals.
  • Create groups of specialized field personnel (e.g. lifting, oil field, civil safety group) so that every member of the SOSP have access to most appropriate group/ person for solution to his problems
  • Develop a group / committee of all safety institutions in the country.
  • To create profession expert group for accident investigation.
  • To coordinate with HSE training institution to give fee concession for SOSP members.
  • Organize HSE job fare.
  • To develop an institution of Health and Safety, which ultimately works as an authority on all HSE issues?
  • To create an international group of safety experts and professionals (Which will work to contact, develop, assemble , coordinate all safety professionals , professional societies, HSE groups and societies, HSE institutions organizations ( governmental and nongovernmental ) and bring them on one platform to speak and find solution to GLOBAL HSE problems.

Our Publications

  • Quarterly/Monthly/Weekly HSE magazine
  • To collect HSE related data in country and publish it
  • To publish commercials and articles of safety related issues in the country and the world
  • To collect news ,articles and events of HSE related to HSE
  • To Publish books, booklets, specialized safety folders(In all languages)
  • To create and develop a library of HSE.