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01. What is HSE

Health and safety considerations apply to all organisations, whether one person or a large multinational. They also apply to every department within an organisation and to every discipline within organisations.

02. Health and Safety Mangement

All companies manage safety, environmental protection or the health of their workers They do it if only by complying with applicable legislation or doing nothing, which is also a system (then of non management).

03. Risk Assessment

Every year people at work suffer accidents and work related ill health. The impact on the individual can be severe, affecting not only their ability to work but also their personal life.

04. HSE Policy

A health and safety policy is a business plan for safety. The health and safety policy is the starting point for the process of managing health and safety.

05. Permit To Work

The permit-to-work system should ensure that authorized and competent people have thought about foreseeable risks and those risks are avoided by using suitable precautions.

06. Confined Space Safety

A number of people are killed or seriously injured in confined spaces each year around the world. This happens in a wide range of industries, from those involving complex plant to simple storage vessels.
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