Smt. Draupadi devi Tripathi Degree College, affiliated to Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Gorakhpur University, Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh is a highly regarded co-educational institution, ..

Smt. Draupadi Devi Tripathi PG College is dedicated to ensuring the well-being and safety of every member of our academic community. Our Proctorial Board Committees play a pivotal role in upholding a conducive learning environment. Discover the key committees and their roles in fostering a secure and supportive campus:

  • Anti-Ragging Committee: Committed to maintaining a ragging-free campus, this committee monitors and prevents any form of ragging or bullying. Rigorous awareness campaigns, reporting mechanisms, and counseling services are in place to create a safe atmosphere for all students.
  • Gender Sensitization Committee Against Sexual Harassment (GSCASH): At Smt. Draupadi Devi Tripathi PG College, we prioritize gender equality and a harassment-free environment. GSCASH ensures that cases of sexual harassment are handled with sensitivity and confidentiality. Educational initiatives and workshops promote gender sensitivity and awareness.
  • Disciplinary Committee: This committee enforces the code of conduct and discipline within the institution. It addresses any violations and takes appropriate actions to maintain a respectful and professional atmosphere conducive to learning.
  • Student Grievance Redressal Committee: Ensuring that every student's voice is heard, this committee provides a platform for students to express their concerns and grievances. It facilitates fair and transparent resolution processes, fostering a culture of open communication and trust.
  • Academic Ethics Committee: Maintaining academic integrity is a priority at our institution. This committee oversees issues related to plagiarism, cheating, and other breaches of academic ethics. It educates students on the importance of academic honesty and upholds the value of fair evaluation.